London has always been a developing city with construction and cranes ever present across the landscape, but the real change in recent times is the mass increase in high rise developments across the capital. And there's no signs of this slowing down with plans already approved for 455 new high rise developments in the next two years.

For what has historically been a low-rise city in-comparison to most other major cities across the word, this is big change for the London sky line, which begs the question; Are we moving further towards the superstructure heights that other global cities such as New York, Sydney and Hong Kong offer? What is driving the skyscraper increase?

With an ever growing population, and limited space, the only way is up. 

The demand is increasing with more and more people wanting to call the city home, and a resistance to moving out to the suburbs, the construction world has little choice except to build to the skies to develop a London that is fit for the future. 

With these brand new developments comes new jobs, new businesses, new communities, and new opportunities for the surrounding area... not to mention a new vibrant look to the city. 

As long as they don't block my wonderful view of St Pauls then I think, bring on the new London look!