The opportunities at MIPIM are wonderful! An example of this was what happened to us as we arrived for day two...

Amie and I asked a gentleman to take a photo of us. Having thanked him we asked what he did - and it just so happened he worked for a fund in London and was hiring for property professionals! "Let’s talk when we're back" he said. That set the tone of the day!

Breakfast was with an owner of a small but impressive development company in the North West. We had arranged to question him on the subject of women in real estate; their challenges and what the industry can do to address the balance. It was really insightful and something Amie will be following up in an article she is writing, due for release when we return.

After breakfast, we settled in to a seminar focused on the 'Build to Rent' sector in London. Some takeaways from that were:

  • Catherine Rodgers of Grosvenor made some great points around Build to Rent not needing to be aimed at high end of the market. Higher-end renters can afford to buy. The opportunities lie within the mid range market and for people working in public services. That's where the big opportunities are.

  • Michael Allen of Quintain mentioned they want to change the way renting happens. Service delivery needs to come forward and take huge leaps. Using the United States as an example, Michael discussed how the U.S have overcome the challenges they had in the multi family market. A market more mature than the 'Build to Rent' and far more advanced in terms of offering a real service to the tenant.

  • Richard Jackson of Apache Capital agreed; the landlord tenant relationship of old doesn't work. "We need to serve them. We are building a lifestyle. We need to focus on the customer."

After Lunch, we had a great client meeting with a Development Director of a major London developer whom we have been trying to track down for almost a year! A visit to the stand and 30-40 mins of one on one time was ours!

The afternoon was an opportunity to listen to a presentation on the regeneration of Thurrock and Purfleet. A passionate team dedicated to providing world class living and commercial facilities. They have some really exciting plans!

We also met a very interesting and inspiring guy by the name of Andrew Flintoff (you may have heard of him). We talked to Andrew about the development of Manchester City Centre and surrounding areas - but more on that in my next post!

To round the day off, drinks were enjoyed at Cafe Roma where we chatted to several partners of a law firm. Great guys who showed us a great deal of respect. They even asked if we can help identify a firm to merge with. Another opportunity for us (although not sure if I can deliver this one!!!)

So, day two was successful. 

This isn’t a PR statement either. If you’re here ready to speak to people and put yourself out there, MIPIM is the place to be.