Well, we're back from MIPIM 2019 with a lot of key takeaways ready for next year. If you want to see what we got up to over the 3 days, watch our MIPIM video diary attached to this article.  

Additionally, here's what's not in the video - a brief guide to what I personally learned from this year's MIPIM experience...

Book accommodation early!

600 Euros per night accommodation sounds swanky eh? No, no it wasn’t.Two single beds in a studio apartment. Perfectly acceptable. (No divas here!) But, it just goes to show the people of Cannes have grasped the theory of supply and demand adequately!

Buy shares in Cafe Roma.

If you have been to a MIPIM you will know which establishment I refer to. A bar with significant outside seating which sees 200-300 people (maybe more) sprawling on to the pavements. Beers at 10 Euros a pop! Roaring trade from 11am through to early morning. One Quantity Surveyor I spoke to estimated they would turnover around 1m Euros per day during MIPIM. That's not shabby work. On a side note, the service is horrendous. Literally no cares given from the staff but nobody refuses to return the next day. Location location location.

Buy a ticket to the show!

In for a penny in for a pound is our motto, but we aren't in to spending for spending sake. The question is, would we have been able to ask the people we met to meet us outside of the event itself and saved ourselves £3k in the process? Probably.But, having a ticket allowed us to network much more effectively. We had a huge amount of chance meetings which will materialise to business partnerships. Also, the talks you attend are really informative and you learn a huge amount if you want to. The marketing opportunities are endless and, whilst it may sound silly, the respect you gain from clients who know you is priceless. Take it seriously.

Take sunscreen.

As a follicly challenged fellow who is not used to networking on the beachfront or being outside for significant amounts of time working in the sun, I didn’t take sunscreen. Doesn’t help that living in Cheshire I need sunscreen for around 7 days of the year so we operate a JIT supply model in our household. But, 3 days in, the old head was looking akin to a tomato. Not a good look! As Baz Luhrmaan wisely said "wear sunscreen".

Don’t stack out the diary.

Biggest piece of advice to MIPIM first timers in my opinion is don't fill up your diary.You 100% need meetings booked, but having wall to wall meetings may not allow you to press the flesh and have chance meetings elsewhere. During my time at MIPIM, some of the best meetings have been organised or conducted on a whim. A full diary will not allow you to do that.

People don’t bite!

I don’t go approaching people in the street asking what they do and if they can chat. But I do at MIPIM. Not one person was rude. Why would they be? They are there to work and network. The pavilions are there full of like-minded people and most are from the area that the Pavilion represents. So, say hello! It may feel a bit weird. It’s 100% not as easy as it sounds to get over that barrier, but it’s totally worth it.

FOMO is real.

This applies to me, albeit only to a small extent. It would be hard not to go to MIPIM. As a service provider, I want to meet prospective new customers and the MIPIM database is a who’s who of great companies and prospective contacts.

However, what is evident is the fear of missing out from a lot of people we spoke to, especially Consultancies. According to one trusted source, one consultancy had 150 people. At 2,000 Euros a pop we are talking about 300,000 Euros just on tickets! When asked why they were at MIPIM, so many people answered simply with; "f we are not talking to our clients then who else is?"

You will get addicted.

Planning has already begun for MIPIM 2020... we will see you there!!!