You have finally reached a huge milestone, passing your APC - congratulations!

A lot of blood sweat and tears shed, but what do you do now you have gained your Chartership? 

Not many people will speak about what happens next, so here is some information and a few tips for those of you who have gained the MRICS/MAPM title...

Speak to your employer;

It is common knowledge that once you have gained your Chartership you will go through a review process. If this isn't already in your diary then book it in with your line manager. In fact, the best organisations will not wait for you to do this. They will drive this very element to ensure your career goals and progression are clearly heard. This is a great time to be open and frank. It is likely remuneration will be on the points of discussion so my advice would be to have a good idea of the market trends and don’t be afraid to ask for what you believe to be reasonable. 

Top tip: when asking for a salary increase, always have a justification as to why you are asking for that figure, as it may well be challenged! 

Take full advantage of this meeting to express your career goals and fully understand what you need to do next to reach your goals. This should be a collaborative and positive meeting so make sure you are transparent so your employer can be best placed to help you achieve these goals.  

Pay  increase;

Typically a newly Chartered Surveyor / Project Manager will receive an increase of between £3,000 - £5,000 on their base salary and some companies will start to provide a car allowance or increase the car allowance. A number of our clients apply uplifts very quickly, so make sure you get that meeting booked in. 


Now you are Chartered, it is likely that you will gain a lot more responsibility and autonomy on projects moving forward, but don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. A lot of people will feel too intimidated or scared to ask for help with the fear of coming across as incompetent - it is so important for you to be vocal about issues you need help with. The support will continue to be there after your APC and this will inevitably help you gain success quicker.  

Consider your options; 

Of course this will be a prime time to start considering your options - companies are always on the lookout for newly Chartered Surveyors / Project Managers. The market has never been busier! 

If you are considering your options then please do read this article Your Guide To Job Hunting, which will help through that process.

It will be fairly easy to find a new job in your current position, however don't overprice yourself in the market. During this time there is a lot of competition from other recently Chartered candidates who have the same ideas. 

Moving forwards; 

You have felt the struggle of the APC process first hand - the blood, sweat and tears! How good would it feel if you continued on your Chartership journey helping the next generations through their APC process?

Looking into APC mentoring and assessing is a great next step as part of your MRICS/MAPM journey.  

It won't be for everyone but it's worth considering!  

If you need any advice on what salary you should be aiming for, want to chat about market trends / market intel or are considering your options and want a confidential and honest chat then feel free to get in touch. 

You can contact me on E: or T: 0161 667 3557